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Welcome to Inspired Integrative Wellness and Pilates

The Studio has a beautiful, quaint, vibrant, welcoming space in Plainview, NY (Long Island). Our peaceful and pristine studio setting will make you feel relaxed, focused, and ready to workout! With professional Pilates equipment mat, and barre space, clients will enjoy having their own private workout environment, dedicated to their unique needs and workout experience.


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Our Studio Philosophy


Exercise should be a part of everyone's lives.  It should be part of our daily routine, because our bodies need to move! We need to feel energized, build strong muscles, and have a healthy heart and lungs. Having these things is not only good for our health, but they also make us FEEL amazing. When we take care of our bodies, they give back to us ten-fold. 


Every person should be able to love and appreciate theirbody. There are no limits to how far our bodies can take us, if we take care of them. And a positive approach or acceptance and determination will lead us to a lifetime of amazing things!

Add on Wellness coaching and you will fulfill your life with optimal health, confidence and well-being,

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Our Philosophy

Teaching & Coaching Approach:


Before every session, Claudine takes time to clear her mind and become present for her clients. She is focused on staying in the moment and keeping all distractions at bay. She listens intently and has an endless supply of patience, allowing her clients to focus on what they need most. There is nothing she values more than time with her students, and giving them a positive experience in every way possible.


Holding herself up to the highest possible standards, Claudine makes sure she gives each client the high-caliber learning or workout experience she would demand for herself. With a strong belief in hard work and the spirit of a competitive athlete, Claudine challenges her clients to push themselves and reach their full potential. Yet she does so with kindness, compassion, and some serious fun! 


When Claudine teaches, she makes her clients sweat, laugh, have a great time, and feel great by the time they leave. She drives her clients to work hard and to the best of their ability, in every session. Claudine is a hands-on teacher, making corrections when needed and educating her clients throughout their workout. She makes sure her clients understand the purpose of each exercise and how it will benefit them in their life outside the studio. Claudine helps her clients find a new path and a new routine for taking care of themselves, and customizes her approach to suit each individual client in front of her. 


Claudine's mission is to help her clients be proud of their accomplishments in the studio and to provide a workout environment and experience that always leaves a smile on her client's face!

About Health Coaching


Health coaching provides clients with education and guidance that will help them reach their optimal state of nutritional health and wellbeing. Clients are taught how to make mindful decisions regarding nutrition and lifestyle at a pace that is right and comfortable for them - and with respect for their personal tastes, interests, and goals.






About Health Coaching (continued)


Through the experience of Health Coaching, clients will learn:


• The integrity and nutritional value of different foods, and how they impact the body• New foods and ingredients that can enhance meals and overall wellbeing• How whole foods can aid our bodies to heal themselves and help ward off illness and disease• How to choose the types of food that will support optimal living and work best for YOU• To focus on first providing the body with the nutrition that it needs to 'crowd out' food without integrity• How to fine tune daily nutrition to promote an optimal level of fitness and athletic performance• How nutrition goes deeper than food, and how other aspects of our lives can impact our nutritional wellbeing


Clients will receive guidance to reflect upon their personal challenges, perspectives, and habits related to eating and nutrition. They will be given recommendations, tools, and support to make positive lifestyle choices and changes for themselves as well as their family. 


With a Mindful approach, Claudine helps her clients:


• Become fully aware of what they are eating and why, and how their food choices make them feel• Learn to be present during meals, to benefit themselves physically and mentally• Take a step back from the noise and decide what is best for the themselves• Set their own personal goals for improving their nutritional wellbeing • Show more compassion for themselves, and embrace their self-worth• Experience the joy of food and feel at peace with their eating choices



The Experience


One-on-one consultations are help in the Studio or a local coffee shop when that's more convenient for the client. The coaching experience beginwith the client talking about their health history, goals, concerns, and any requests they might have. With each subsequent session, the client will learn new lessons and receive personalized suggestions and support.


In between the one-on-one session, clients receive email and phone support to answer questions, help with food choices, or whatever else they need. Weekly nutrition and fitness plans plus a trip to the supermarket is also available for clients.

Health Coaching vs. Dieting


Health Coaching does not involve giving clients a "diet" to follow. Diets are restrictive and lack intelligence and understanding. And they promote images and promises that are unrealistic. Often people choose to try diets because they are frustrated with their weight, self, and life. But dieting is not a healthy, long-term way to live.


Working with a Health Coach provides clients with an education and approach that guides clients to make happy, health choices for the rest of their lives! Clients learn how to make balanced decisions that reflect the changing needs and dynamics of the real world that they live in day-after-day.

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About Claudine, Studio Owner

Background & Training:


Claudine fell in love with Pilates in 1994 after her daughter was born.  It redefined her body and helped her get back into shape and into her favorite jeans!  But that was just the beginning. Pilates helped Claudine loose inches but most importantly it made her feel centered. It gave Claudine an enormous amount of physical strength from within. She learned that working from the inside out can have a profound impact on a person's abilities and physique! With Pilates, Claudine learned how to be patient with herself and consistent with her practice. 


Claudine received her Pilates certification in 2006 from The Inside Scoop in [Plainview, NY]. She taught classes and private sessions and was the Pilates Coordinator at Equinox Club in Woodbury, NY.   In 2013 Claudine graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She became a Certified Health Coach and member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Claudine is also a Level 1 USAT Triathlon Coach, specializing in nutritional planning for athletes, open water swim instruction, visualization/mental coaching, and running mechanics.  She is also now currently enrolled in The Yoga Faith certification program because, building your Faith and trust in God, builds strength in your heart, mind and soul.  


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Come Visit Us!

Offering workouts for Beginner and Intermediate clients.   

Make sure you bring a mat and hydration. 

Pricing:  Private Pilates Session $85 per 1hour Session.

Package of 5 $400

Duet (per person) $70

Package of 5  $325 

New Client Sessions …. $30 per person which includes a consultation, an introduction to the Principles of Pilates, and use of the studio’s apparatus.  

Are you feeling stressed?  We also offer Mindful Pilates flow.  The client moves at a gentle flow with ease, stretching and music 🎶 to calm the mind and tense muscles.  

 Health and Life Coaching/Counseling   : $100 per hour which includes follow up emails and a trip to the local grocery store.  During your session you will never feel rushed and you will receive a journal to keep track of your progress and any questions you may have.   I am certified to work with adults, children and teens. I work with athletes as well who are striving to maintain balance in their lives.   For more details schedule a $30 consultation with me so we can determine your plan for success! 

Biomat sessions are also available combined with aromatherapy.  $40 for 45 minutes.  This will be your time to relax and ground yourself.  Contact the studio to find out how this therapy will benefit you!

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Contact Us to schedule an appointment at the temporary Huntington Studio and the address will be shared as soon as your appointment is complete.  Stay tuned for the Grand Opening at 377 South Oyster Bay Road, Plainview NY 11803 in the Plainview Shopping Center.

Have questions, comments, compliments or concerns? We’re always here to help.

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377B  South Oyster Bay Road, Plainview NY 11803-3301



631-988-0498 call or text to schedule your appointment.

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